Finland's Hobby- and woodenhorse Association

The Finnish hobbyhorse Association (SKY) started to work again in autumn 2012. The purpose of this website is to provide an accesible package of information where the hobbyhorse enthusiast can easily find the information that they are looking for. The association functions on voluntary work, as an unofficial host organization (for local hobbyhorse stables) and is maintained by a group of young enthusiasts. The main principles are voluntariness, working together and no fees if it is possible. The association functions mainly on the internet, but we also organise the biggest hobbyhorse competitions, such as Finnish championship competition, which is how we raise money for our association.

What is the purpose of this association?
Our purpose is not only to spread information, but also to bring hobbyhorse enthusiasts together and to attract publicity to hobbyhorse making and riding as a hobby. We hope that this website shows what a diverse hobby this is, how a lot of people really devote themselfs to this hobby nad that we specifically consider hobbyhorses a hobby, not just play. We hopeo that the website will reflect users' interests, which means that anybody can send texts and pictures to the site. The purpose of Finnish hobbyhorse association is to connect enthusiasts and to offer a meeting place for all people who like hobbyhorses.

Now association is looking for foreigner hobbyhorse enthusiasts. Purpose is to find foreign partners and hobbys scan distribution. If you found us through this website, take a contact to us by e-mail ( or in guestbook(in english).


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